Monday, September 24, 2012

Right wing hacking of Catalan websites

A number of cyber “attacks” have been carried out over this last week.

The Catalans of the World site (run by my friend Sergi Marzábal) was first to be hacked.

On his home page Spanish flags were inserted along with a number of extreme rightist messages, and the apparent warning: “All this is just the start!” 

The site has been now temporarily deactivated and but provides an explanation about the ‘fascist attacks’ on it.

Other sites to have been sabotaged during the previous few days include the Catalan political parties CiU, ICV i ERC as well as the organisations Solidaritat Catalana per la Independència and the Federació d'Ateneus de Catalunya ('').

All of these have recently shown support for Catalan national indepenedence.


Joan said...

Some believe in democracy, some don't.

Brett said...

Yes Joan, democracy is a dirty word to extremists who are in love with the idea of power over others.

Sergi marzabal said...

Democracy is a word easy to say, but really difficult to be...

Just remember the Spanish judges said an Referendum in Premià was Ilegal, but a demostration of the falange, a fascist party, was legal.

And thanks, 4 the article! :D

Brett Hetherington said...

I sometimes wonder if anywhere in the world is a true democracy, though undoubtedly some places are more democratic than others. Where we in this part of the world fit into that scale is hard to quantify but we are not quite Syria.