Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A lot of good in Olot

My partner (wife) Paula bought me a lovely jumper the other day and instead of some logo or a picture of a skinny model on the label attached to it there was a large photo of a (smiling) older woman sitting at a sewing machine.

This impressed me.

But what impressed me also when I had a look at the company’s website, was that they have created and are maintaining jobs for women over 40 and are continuing the rich tradition of the textile industry in the Catalan town of Olot.

They also claim to spend half of their profits on supporting environmental or social projects.

It turns out that the original idea of their first jumper was called The Marcelino Camacho, in honor of the well-known politician and trade unionist, whose trademark was this type of zipper-jumper.

I almost never plug products but this one is something to crow about (and of course I am not being paid in any form for this endorsement.)


Michael53 said...

Listened to you on Radio National this morning Brett, and was keen to check out your blog. ar ethese jumpers exported to Aus or available online, thanks Michael Clarebrough

Brett Hetherington said...

Thanks for contaccting me, Michael. Nice to get your response to my interview on ABC Radio Australia. I don't think the jumpers are being exported to that side of the planet yet. (They contacted me already to ask if I knew anyone who could sell their gear across the rest of Europe...I don't.) You can try to order online at: http://www.marcelinus.cat/en/menue/online-shop