Sunday, March 25, 2018

"Antonio Muñoz Molina: “Our legacy will be a pile of garbage”


"The award-winning Spanish author Antonio Muñoz Molina is a modern-day flâneur. 
In his new novel Un andar solitario entre la gente (or, A solitary walk among people), Muñoz Molina followed the path of writers such as Thomas De Quincey, Charles Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin, and aimlessly roamed the cities of Madrid, Paris and New York, recorder, notebook and pencil in hand. With these tools he captured life’s peculiar mix of the lowly and  the sublime. 

Collage by Antonio Muñoz Molina.ampliar foto
Collage by Antonio Muñoz Molina.

“The great poem of this century can only be written with waste materials,” reads a line from the book. “I was looking,” it continues, “for a transparent music that can be breathed in like air.”
EL PAÍS spoke with Muñoz Molina about his writing experiences and beliefs about modern-day society."
Read interview (in English translation) here.

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