Friday, January 11, 2013

The most famous pickpockets in Barcelona

Judging from this fascinating film I will have to keep my wits about me a bit more than I have been.

I’ve started working in the great city more recently, using the train and metro to get around.

Not long ago my wife suffered an attempted pickpocketing by a couple of females, working as a team in a similar way to those men in the video who a policeman calls “two of the most famous pickpockets in Barcelona.”


thecatalanway said...

that was an amazing film. I have been lucky so far - never been robbed - but I try not to get over confident. This makes me realise I must never lower my guard. Especially in tourist areas. Incredible how confident they are about being filmed - as if it doesn't matter at all if they are seen. Thanks for putting it here Kate

Brett said...

Thanks for your comment, Kate. I'm glad you haven't been done over yet. (It only ever happened to me once - in New York, losing 500 dollars and I have no idea how!) Yes, you're right about their confidence. It shows that they have no fear of the consequences of getting caught. The lenient law that the video illustrates must surely be changed.

thecatalanway said...

Hi Brett I just popped back to see if it was this comment you lost but it seems not. Not sure if I left another but I'll be back!
Hope you have a good trip to London and don't get caught up in any delays. I should imagine they are well prepared by now. Ah but its a relief to be back in the sun.

Brett said...

Thanks for that, Kate. I'm sure it is a huge relief to be back in the sun, especially if you are a "fredolic" like me. I'm not looking forward to the freezing cold but what can you do?

Your previous first comment is above also. Welcome back to sunny Catalunya!