Monday, January 2, 2012

Not such a Happy New Year for Barcelona Hitler-worshipper

In the continuing story of Barcelona neo-Nazi bookshop owner Pedro Varela, the latest chapter sees him due to return to court.

Currently serving a prison sentence for similar offences, Varela is likely to be released this March but is now facing new charges from the German regional government in Bavaria. They are making the claim that he has vioalted “intellectual property laws by publishing and distributing” Mein Kampf, the anti-Semitic, nationalist book by the 20th century dictator Adolf Hitler.

With the typical doublethink of a bigot, Varela maintains that he is being persecuted, despite having a long history of peddling ideas that persecute entire groups of people.

Varela’s defence lawyers have admitted that he has made a “significant” amount of money selling his self-published copies of Mein Kampf.

A statue of Hitler was found concealed in Varela’s book storeroom when the shop was raided in 2006.

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