Thursday, December 6, 2012

What Spaniards believe

A fascinating survey came out this this week on the attitudes of Europeans and Americans.
Amongst other things, it shows that Spaniards are now (relatively) unimpressed with religion, are extremely accepting of homosexuality and have the highest number of people in Europe or the US who believe that the state should guarantee that nobody is need.

Here's one of the tables from the survey:


Elgart said...

Interesting, but most answers don't seem very surprising to me. I liked the question "Success in life is determined by forces outside our control" (although it would be nice to compare it to the related question "Success/failure in your own life has been determined by forces outside your control"). From my experience fortunate people tend to overstate their role in their success. Curious that germans are quite aware of that.

Brett said...

Thanks for your comment, Elgart. I completely agree with your point that fortunate people tend to overstate their [own] role in their success. Their biographers do the same thing of course, typically ignoring the importance of luck and chance. There is perhaps one area of life where this is not so much the case. Sportspeople will often acknowledge luck in their lives. I suppose Germans are often practical in their thinking and less inclined to the (North American) "great man" school of history?