Friday, July 5, 2013

Catalan study finds that music improves in-vitro fertilisation

Photo - Javier

"The exposure to music during in vitro fertilisation has a positive impact on the fecundity rate of egg cells according to a study developed by the assisted reproduction centre Institut Marquès, based in Barcelona. 

The study concludes that the micro vibrations in the music shake the culture liquid in which the ovum swims and this improves the distribution of nutrients and also avoids the accumulation of toxic products around the cell. As a result, the fertilisation of the ovum is facilitated by the effects produced by the vibes, and the fecundation rate is improved by 4.8%. 

Three styles of music were tested (pop, heavy metal and classical) but no significant differences were observed in relation to the different frequencies. The study was carried out on 985 egg cells from 114 patients. It is the first study of this kind made on human egg cells."

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