Friday, October 16, 2009

Who needs Ahmadinejad when we’ve got this guy in Spain?

Now Spain has its own Holocaust denier to rival Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And perhaps unsurprisingly, he is a newly appointed Partido Popular official.

As reported by MIGUEL OLIVARES in El Pais today, César Augusto Asencio one of the incoming secretary generals and spokesman for the PP in the Valencia parliament, in 1979 published an article in the Alicante daily Información denying the scale of the Holocaust.

“There is much I could say about the concentration camps and about the myth of the six million Jews exterminated. A detailed study demonstrates that it is all false,” he wrote.

“The majority has been made to believe this thanks to the strength of the finances and propaganda in the hands of Jews on a global scale.”

In another extract, Asencio wrote: “The Jew has lived at the expense of others throughout history through usury...undermining the state and influencing the government through the power they hold over money.”

Asencio yesterday asked forgiveness for an “adolescent error.” At that time, he was a member of the fascist Organización Juvenil Española as others were members of the [communist] ORT,” he said.

Asencio was affiliated to the Popular Alliance, a right-wing political grouping under the auspice of Franco-era ministers including Manuel Fraga.

I made my own ridiculous statements when I was naïve and stupid enough to have ultra-conservative views as a university student. But Asencio has apparently not yet renounced his mistake.


Czarny Kot said...

But surely all anti-Semitism comes from the Loony Left who are in cahoots with the Islamo-fascist death cult??

In the UK the BNP have courted Jewish voters and the right in Poland backs Israel in the American style.

Looks like the PP are trying to keep things old school.

Brett Hetherington said...

I think the PP can't help themselves. They seem to have no sense of what is right and wrong and the continuing financial scandals that plenty of their prominent figures are involved in back this perception up.

The idea of the BNP going after Jewish voters seems absurd to me. Don't tell me it's actually working!?!?