Saturday, October 17, 2009

Barcelona's vultures

"Her smallest daughter had to be taken out of her room, because its ceiling is falling in, as is that of the bathroom, which is held up by a makeshift prop. In another room part of the ceiling has already collapsed."

Pere Rios and Jesus Garcia detailing some of the latest cases of mobbing.

"A Barcelona court is investigating a group of comapnies which allegedly specialise in hounding tenants who pay very low rents so that they can then purchase the property and make a profit. This kind of harrassment...has reportedly been going on for the last decade...and in every case the alleged victims are people who benefit from old rent-control laws because of old age or low income."

Until governments take full responsibility for rental housing this kind of unethical profiteering will continue. And it will continue to damage the lives of those who deserve it the least.

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