Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spain's shame

Last Christmas in Spain six women were killed. On average in the previous year there was a woman slain every five days in this country.

One of the most significant factors here is that immigrant women account for 45% of the dead. The particular difficulties and pressures that immigrants have, account for only one of the reasons for this figure.

Antonio Garcia, a member of the coordinator of the Association of Men for Gender Equality said "The problem is essentially male…We need to change the mandates of machismo [ultra-male attitudes and behaviour.]”

One judge stated that "The solutions will come with our children. Meanwhile, we can not stand idly by.”

I believe that Spain is probably the best country in the world to live in and that domestic violence is a huge problem in many societies. But until there is a big improvement in levels of domestic violence, this wonderful land will be terribly and unnecessarily stained with the blood of women.

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