Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Article: Spanish musician prosecuted for blasphemy

Click to go to Link to a New Humanist piece on Javier Krahe.

According to Ismael Valladolid Torres (a Madrid-based bloggger at "La media hostia") the left-wing Krahe is to be charged after TV Canal + aired a part of his “funny and admittedly blasphemous clip” called "Cooking Christ".

I watched the video and did not find it funny but could see a degree satirical value in it.

Torres makes the point that “The court now asks Krahe to pay €192,000, and the TV channel to pay €144.000.In the past, many Spanish artists have had to leave their country in order to make use of freedom of expression, from Luis Buñuel to Pablo Picasso and others. It's amazing that more than half a century later, things in this country haven't changed.”

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