Sunday, February 26, 2012

Remembering Walter Benjamin

"Stairs leading down a narrow passageway to the churning ocean waves are suddenly blocked by a pane of glass. Etched in German are the words: "It is more arduous to honor the memory of anonymous beings than that of the renowned. The construction of history is consecrated to the memory of the nameless."

Taken from Walter Benjamin’s On the Concept of History, the memorial honors the German Jewish philosopher in the town where he spent the last hours of his life...

Created by Israeli artist Dani Karavanhe, the memorial to Walter Benjamin is on a clifftop by Portbou’s municipal cemetery. It was named "Passages" in remembrance of Benjamin’s final passage from France to Spain, as well as his enormous unfinished work Passagenwerk (Arcades Project) on 19th-century Paris...

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