Sunday, June 24, 2012

Aragonese: Spain's most endangered language

With only 10,000 native speakers (worldwide) Aragonese has been listed as one of about half of the world's 6,900 contemporary languages that could disappear in the next 90 years.

The main cause of the serious state of this northern Spanish tongue is that some adults in the community are speakers, but very few children learn it or use it.

Also known as Aragoieraz, Altoaragonés, Aragonés, Fabla Aragonesa, Patués or High Aragonese, it is classified as Indo-European, Middle Indo-European, Late Indo-European, Italic-Venetic, Italic, Latino-Faliscan, Old Latin, Spoken Latin, Hispanic, Pyrenean-Mozarabic, Pyrenean.

The variations and dialects have been divided into Western Southern Central and Eastern Aragonese.

[Source: here.]

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