Sunday, November 4, 2012

Catalans fight libel fine with YouTube videos

"When Catalan magazine editors Marta Sibina and Albano Dante created a YouTube video to publicly shame Catalan health-care adviser, they were fined 10,000 euro for defamation.
Not to be shouted down by Spain’s libel laws, the two responded by creating yet another video explaining why they were in the right.

In the original video, called the “Greatest Theft in the History of Catalonia,” the pair decried what they see as “a lack of transparency in Catalonia’s public health-care system” and the apparent mismanagement of taxpayer dollars.

After being fined for libel Oct. 23, they published a follow-up video in which Sibina and Dante say an independent audit confirmed their claims and found “enormous chaos” in the region’s hospitals, including 209,000 euro in clandestine payments to a local member of parliament."

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