Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catalan outdoes “the majority language” in Spain's Wikipedia entries

Groups of enthusiasts in Catalunya have ensured something truly remarkable.

A study by Mark Graham (@geoplace), researcher at Oxford University...shows that 35,000 [*Wikipedia] articles have been created in Spanish territory with coordinates in Catalan, [compared to only] 19,000 in Spanish.

In other words, there are currently more entries for the whole of Spain in Catalan than in Castillian Spanish.

Also quite impressive is the fact that the Catalan language is ranked “first place in an index compiled by the Wikimedia Foundation, which measures the quality of the thousand most important articles.

The Catalan version of Wikipedia...has become central to the activism around the language...Àlex Hinojo, project manager at Wikimediacat and creator of@CatalanMuseums, says:
Many people say they edit because it's fun, they can provide more information about a topic…and they are building a country. Catalan-speaking civil society always maintains a certain activism in favour of its language, just as it does with other topics.

Note: To my mind, *Wikipedia is a sometimes unreliable source of information and can only be completely trusted when an article's sources are credible.

WikiMarathon at Drassanes Reials (Barcelona), on Wikipedia's 12th anniversary. March 2013. Photo by @Kippelboy.


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