Saturday, March 23, 2013

Those "big industries"

[Photo by Javier at sic.]

As one of Spain's greatest living writers, Antonio Muñoz Molina is someone always worth reading and this short piece of his in the English language version of El Pais is no exception.

He expresses some opinions about Spain that I have long thought true about my country of birth, Australia. Muñoz Molina lives part of the time in New York and has that particular kind of clear sight about Spain that only living away from your native land can bring.

I'm not sure I fully agree with him about all that he says though. Compared to somewhere like Australia I think there is a richness of culture that is acknowledged by many locals and to say you are a writer or journalist provokes more interest from the average person here than in Australia, at least in my experience.

But then again, MM should know. I suspect that his opinions are largely based on contact with business people and middle-level public officials, who (all across this planet) generally put making money ahead of anything else as piddly as the creative “industries.”

Somebody who has never written a book or put-together a well-researched article would probably have no idea what it takes to do so, just as I have no clue (or real interest) in deal-making and political schmoozing.

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