Saturday, December 1, 2018

My next book soon to be published by Apocryphile Press

[Photo of  abandoned building in Catalonia: probable book cover by John French]
Very happy to say that "Slow Travels in Unsung Spain," my next non-fiction title will be published by Apocryphile Press (USA) some time in 2019.

​Partly from a desire to remind myself why I live here, the book is a very personal exploration of parts of the Iberian peninsula that are typically overlooked by foreign tourists, including the regions of 
Extremadura and Asturias, the urban areas of Zaragoza, Cordoba, Ecija, Jaen and Ubeda, as well as Catalonia.


Lenox said...

Pencil me in for a copy!

Brett said...

Will do, Lenox! Thanks for letting me know. I'll also be happy to pass on a few tasters/extracts when the time comes if you are interested in posting them.